Create a Gift Basket for Mother and Baby!

Finding a special gift for your friends and family members can be very frustrating indeed, especially when its a new arrival!

Allow yourself a 5 minute break... and learn how easy it is to create a gift basket and impress your friends and family members. Why not theme the gift basket around the new arrival. Today we have created two gift baskets for the Mother and Baby!

Create a Gift Basket for Mother and Baby.

The diversity of gift baskets is never-ending. For a baby or newborn you can give a diaper gift basket or a baby necessities gift basket. If you'd prefer why not a baby bath time basket or an everlasting baby time capsule basket. In fact the list is endless.



If you are already a Mother then you would probably remember the items that you used and the ones that were essential.

If you haven't had the pleasure of sourcing these items before, then here is a simple basket that you can easily create for that the new arrival!

If your friend or family member hasn't already purchased a Baby Bath use this as your gift basket otherwise use a Bucket (which can be later reused for storing products).

Fill the bath with the following items...

A ton of baby product coupons;

A Rubber Duck;

Bottles of lotion and baby oil;

Small toy books for baby;

Teething ring;

A few bottles;



A few sleepers;

A receiving blanket.


To add a little extra....

to your gift basket why not add something special for Mom:

Lotions, Bath salts, Pretty soaps,Candles, a good book, Coupon holder with coupons in it (Moms love these!)

If you are on a budget try a small gift basket and include baby oil, Baby bath wash, washcloth, bath toy, baby powder and baby wipes.

When you are finished, wrap the Gift Basket with cellophane paper and raffia to give it a finishing touch. Use shredded paper inside the basket to hold the goodies in place. Tie a teddy bear with a message attached to it for that added touch.

If you are stuck for ideas, take a look at 101 Gift Basket Ideas ,where you will find 101 themed easy to create gift basket ideas.

About the Author: Donna Hamer is the author and publisher of eBook “101 Gift Basket Ideas”. For a Free 5 part Mini Course on how to create your own “Personalized Gift Baskets” visit

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About The Author - Donna Hamer is the author and publisher of the eBook “101 Gift Basket Ideas”. For a Free 5 part Mini Course on how to create your own “Personalized Gift Baskets” visit

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